All funds go to the Foundation against Cancer and will be used to support the scientific research, provide social care to people affected by cancer, along with their families, and promote prevention and healthy lifestyles. Learn more about it here.

Relay For Life always takes place, rain or shine. That is the symbolism of Relay For Life: the fight against cancer goes on 24 hours a day, every day and all day. Therefore, please plan accordingly and bring an umbrella, water resistant clothing, extra clothing and shoes with you.

Survivors are our guests of honour. You will meet other Survivors and you will all join together for the first lap marking the start of Relay For Life. Discover here what it is all about.

No, admission is free, but your donations are always welcome. You will also have the opportunity to purchase refreshments, candles for the Luminaria Ceremony, t-shirts, and other Relay souvenirs.

The income generated from these items goes to the Foundation against Cancer.

The teams and the Organisation Committee are always looking for partners to support the event. You can find more information here

As much as you can! There is no limit, but the goal is for each team member to raise approximately 1 euro/minute for the duration of Relay For Life.

One member from each team is required to be on the track at all times. Each team’s captain will help determine a schedule. Since teams are mostly 10 to 15 persons, it averages out to 2 to 3 hours per member.

A team is a group of people who walk or run together for 24 hours. A team can be composed of family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, an association, a sports club, etc.

The entire event exists thanks to volunteers. There are many different ways to get involved as a volunteer. You will always find a job that suits your interests and capabilities. Here, you can find out what volunteering is all about or contact the Chair of the local Relay in your neighborhood.

Each team must be present at the event during 24 hours. To keep the solidarity as high as possible, it is desirable that each team member stays (if possible) onsite during the whole 24 hours.

During these 24 hours (at least) one person from each team is always relaying. In the meantime the other team members can encourage those from their team who relay, participate in the various activities organized, rest (during the night), ...

The visitors on the other hand come along for the ceremony moments or for other activities, but are not necessarily present during the whole 24 hours.

The Foundation against Cancer is always looking for new initiators to launch new Relays For Life in their own communities. Here, you will find more information about the organisation of Relay For Life.

Of course! Please invite your family, friends and colleagues to come. Relay For Life is an event for everybody. The atmosphere is so much better when we have a lot of fans and supporters at the Relay.

The event lasts 24 hours, so please plan to bring proper clothing, toiletries, pillows, blankets, comfortable running/walking shoes, an umbrella, sunscreen, etc…

Yes, every team member pays a € 10 registration fee.