How to make a donation? | Relay for Life

How to make a donation?

The donation is made without consideration. A consideration may be: participation in an activity or raffle, access to a concert or building, the supply of goods or services, display of your logo or any other form of advertising.

1. Go to homepage or to your Relay

2. Click on donate

3. Choose your Relay (make sure you pick the most recent edition)

4. Choose a team for which  you would like to make a donation*

5. Choose a participant for which you would like to make a donation*

6. Fill in the amount of your donation and leave a message (!! Don’t forget to check the box if you want to see your donation on the internet!!)

7. Check out your order and add something else to your list if you like

8. Proceed to payment

9. Fill in your contact details (!! The donation must be paid from your own bank account!!)

10. Click on a payment method to finalise your registration. You will be redirected to the Ogone sites where you can make a secure payment


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