Will I receive a tax certificate for my donation? | Relay for Life

Will I receive a tax certificate for my donation?

You are entitled to a tax certificate once the following four conditions have been met:

  1. The donation must be paid on the website from YOUR OWN bank account, using payment reference “donation”.
  2. The donation is made without consideration. A consideration may be: participation in an activity or raffle, access to a concert or building, the supply of goods or services, display of your logo or any other form of advertising.
  3. The amount paid is a personal contribution and not the proceeds from a fundraiser.
  4. The sum total of all your donations combined in any given calendar year amounts to no less than € 40 (calendar year from January to December). The € 40 may have been donated in one or several transactions. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you qualify for a 45 % tax credit of the amount donated.

How much can I set off against tax?

If you donate 40 euro during any one calendar year, you will receive a tax certificate at the start of the subsequent calendar year. That certificate will entitle you to a tax credit of 45 % of the amount specified on the certificate. By way of example: if you donated 40 euro to the Foundation against Cancer in 2014, you will pay 18 euro less tax in 2015. So a donation of 40 euro will only end up ‘costing’ you 22 euro.

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