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What is Relay For Life

Many activities have been put on hold during the pandemic — but cancer never stops. To turn hope into victory, it is essential to continue to raise funds to advance research. You too can join Relay for Life !

Relay for Life, an initiative of the Foundation against Cancer, now offers hope and support in the fight against cancer all year round. A local Relay for Life commitee's organises different activities in your neighbourhood. Take a look at our online agenda (link to www.relayforlife.be/agenda) with numerous activities. Every participation, every collected euro is a concrete contribution that can save lives. 

How to support us? 

  • Sign up here for free and support your Relay for Life! 

    Create a new team or simply join an existing one. You will then have the opportunity to get sponsored, buy a candle bag, raise funds or to creat an activity yourself! 

  • Join a Relay for Life activity

    Discover in the agenda what is going on in your neighbourhood. Then register via the registration link on the activities page!

  • Organise an activity with your team!

    Think of a fun fundraising activity and post it on the online calendar! This increases the chance of more people, more fun and more income on your team counter. For more info and inspiration go here. "


Support the fight against cancer.

Comittee activity
Amis Relais pour la Vie Libramont
Comittee activity
Bruxelles ULB 2021
Comittee activity
Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve 2021
Comittee activity
Gent 2021
Comittee activity
Turnhout 2021
Brugge 2021
Foundation against Cancer - Together against Cancer

About the Foundation

When it comes to cancer, hope is allowed!


  • Science is always progressing
  • Patients and their families get better supervision.
  • Detection and prevention methods are becoming more effective

The Foundation against Cancer plays an important role in those three areas, while being completely independent and transparent. The Foundation’s expertise enjoys national and international recognition.

Fighting cancer strategies? The entire ‘Foundation against Cancer’ team is working hard on it. Professionally, enthusiastically and honestly!

For more information please visit the official website of the Foundation against Cancer.


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