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What is Relay For Life

What is Relay for Life?

The Relay for Life is the solidarity movement of the Foundation against Cancer that:

  • brings together a town or neighbourhood in the fight against cancer;
  • celebrates and honours Fighters - people fighting and surviving cancer;
  • raises money through fundraising activities and/or an event.

Volunteers across the country organise a variety of actions throughout the year, ranging from small events such as workshops, lectures or walks to a major 24-hour event in which you can participate as an individual or as a team. With the money raised the Foundation against Cancer finances cancer research and projects that contribute to the well-being of people with cancer and their loved ones through Relay for Life Grants.  

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Relay for Life through the year

Did you know that the Relay for Life has already existed for 10 years in Belgium? Ten years that have seen the event grow into a genuine movement that is active throughout the year. Teams and committees organise all kinds of activities in their town or neighbourhood, from small events to a major 24-hour event. The Relay for Life also supports Foundation-against-Cancer initiatives such as the Generation Smoke Free and "Zonneslimme scholen/Ecoles futées au soleils"
Committees organise all kinds of activities in which you can participate individually or as a team, such as walks, workshops, a flea market or tapas party. As a team you can also organise your own fundraising activities. You are free to post details of your activities on our website.   

The Relay for Life 24-hour event

The high point of the year has always been the Relay for Life 24-hour event, which revolves around solidarity and fundraising. A celebration for everyone!

Cancer never sleeps. That is why the event participants walk or run in relay for 24 hours to show their solidarity with all the Survivors, ensuring that at all times there is at least one team member walking or running the route. Note: Relay for Life is not a race. You participate in any way you can or want to.  Would you prefer not to actually walk or run? Then just come and enjoy free performances, family events and a snack or drink.  

The three ceremonies – Opening Ceremony, Candle of Hope Ceremony and Closing Ceremony – are the three key moments in the Relay for Life event: 

  • Opening ceremony: this lap of honour by the Survivors gets the Relay for Life under way. A moment for the Survivors to celebrate their victory, give hope to others and thank all who have supported them.
  • Luminaria ceremony: this symbolic moment is intended to support people with cancer, celebrate those who have beaten cancer and remember loved ones who are no longer with us. 
  • Closing ceremony: the Closing ceremony places the spotlight on all those who help make the Relay for Life possible.  It is also the time to announce how much money this fantastic event has raised. The high point comes when they all do a final lap for the fight against cancer.

How to take part in Relay for Life?

Nothing could be simpler than participating in the Relay for Life! Go to the diary, click on the activity of your choice and then follow the instructions. You can participate in the activities individually or as a team member. As a team you can be sponsored or organise your own activity to raise money. You will find more information here.  There are also many other ways to get involved in the Relay for Life: as a volunteer or as a Survivor, or through school, for example.  

How to support Relay for Life?

Through Relay for Life the Foundation against Cancer raises money for cancer research and projects that contribute to the well-being of people with cancer and their loved ones. Your action can make a difference.  Read here more about how you can contribute. 


About the Foundation

As the only national organisation for the fight against cancer in Belgium, the Foundation against Cancer has been battling the illness since 1924.  In the past 30 years alone the Foundation against Cancer has put more than 200 million euro into cancer research. In this way it has contributed to major breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as immunotherapy and proton therapy. The vision of the Foundation against Cancer is to transform hope into victory by pursuing three missions:  

  1. Funding scientific research
  2. Prevention
  3. Support and guidance for people with cancer, their loved ones and actors in the field. 

Read all about us at https://www.cancer.be

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