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What is Relay For Life

"Relay For Life is a life-changing event experienced with others for individual needs and shared Cancer-related goals." - Cindy Menache, volunteer

Relay For Life is a festive event for all ages that focuses on solidarity and fund-raising for the fight against cancer. Over 24 hours, the community members of a city, town or locality mobilise themselves in order to:

  • Celebrate and pay tribute to people that have conquered cancer, and support those that are still fighting the disease;
  • Remember people that have lost their fight against cancer and support those still fighting the disease;
  • Stand united in the fight against cancer.

Sponsored teams relay for 24 hours. At least one member of the team must be present on the track at all times.

The 24 hours are a symbol of the constant battle patients and their families  must endure in the fight against the disease. Relay For Life is not a competition! But a gathering of communities united in the fight against cancer.

What is Relay For Life
Dr Gordy Klatt, an intestinal surgeon, organized the first “Relay for Life” in Tacoma

How it all began

In 1985, Dr Gordy Klatt, an intestinal surgeon, organized the first “Relay for Life” in Tacoma (Washington, USA). During 24 hours, he ran around a track to collect money for the American Cancer Society.

25 years later, Relays For Life take place in more than 20 countries outside the USA (France, Holland, Ireland, Luxemburg, South Africa and New Zealand to name a few). Through Relay For Life millions of volunteers around the world participate in the fight against cancer.


Relay For Life events happen all over Belgium

When and where does Relay happen?

There is no one fixed date or place for Relay. Events happen all over Belgium, and all year round! Find a Relay near to you, and either start your own team or join an existing team.


Relay For Life’s objective is to raise funds for the fight against cancer. These funds are remitted in full to the Foundation against Cancer, whose mission is:

•    To support scientific research financially;

•    To promote prevention and healthy lifestyles through awareness and education;

•    To provide social care to people affected by cancer, along with their families


Key moments

Bruchure Relay For Life a 24 hour fight against cancer

Brochure Relay For Life

For more information on Relay for Life download this brochure.

Foundation against Cancer - Together against Cancer

About the Foundation

When it comes to cancer, hope is allowed!


  • Science is always progressing
  • Patients and their families get better supervision.
  • Detection and prevention methods are becoming more effective

The Foundation against Cancer plays an important role in those three areas, while being completely independent and transparent. The Foundation’s expertise enjoys national and international recognition.

Fighting cancer strategies? The entire ‘Foundation against Cancer’ team is working hard on it. Professionally, enthusiastically and honestly!

For more information please visit the official website of the Foundation against Cancer.


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