My registration/payment isn’t shown on the website | Relay for Life

My registration/payment isn’t shown on the website

There are several causes for this issue:

1. Cache: sometimes you might not see your changes reflected immediately when viewing the site. Most of the time this can easily be resolved by purging your site’s cache.

2. Server-side Caching: Sometimes it takes up to 20min before you see any changes.

3. If you forgot to check the box ‘Yes, my donation and message can be shown on the website and consequently on the internet’, please contact the chairman of your Relay to make your donation visible.

4. Bug: If your registration/payment still isn’t visible, please contact us via this link and send us as much info as possible. You may need to provide us with a proof of payment. Acceptable proof of payment is a copy of your bank statement with the transaction on it. Also, if you received a confirmation mail please forward it to us. Help us help you!

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