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Donate Fundraising

You want to organize an action, but you don’t know how to start? Then you’re at the right place. This summarized action plan is a manual you can follow to get good results from your action. 

1. Choose the action

First and foremost it is important that you decide what kind of action you want to organize. 

2. Set up a plan and secure the budget

When your action is decided, it is necessary to set up an action plan and an estimated budget. An action depends on the preparations. To avoid disappointment, be realistic about both your budget as well as the planning. 

3. Contact the organizing committee

The region coordinators and the committee members can help you out with the practical things and give you advise. You can find their contact info at the “contacts” on every relay page. 

4. Search for volunteers and sponsors

The more helping hands the better! Surround yourself with friends, family and acquaintances who are motivated to realize your action. Don’t be afraid to approach companies or stores. Who knows, they might even want to sponsor your action.

5. Promotion

The last thing you must do before your action takes place, is promote it. You can do this with posters, flyers and mouth-to-mouth advertising. Social media and the internet are also very useful for promotion. For example, you can make a Facebook page for your events, or keep a blog with pictures. Also, you can contact the local media to make your action more known with the big audience.

6. Execute your action

Finally the day of your action has arrived! If you went through all the previous steps, the chances are high that it will be a success. Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped for their contributions. Let them also know how much the action raised in total.

Fundraising inspiration

The good intentions are there and you want to organize a fundraising action. But what if you don’t have inspiration? The following examples below will show you how.

Selling home-made things on the market

Selling home-made things on the market

The ‘Ronsische Roadrunners’ team wanted to raise money for Relay For Life. A couple of friends that make their own things put their heads together.  They chose to make home-made things and sell them on a market every Saturday in Ronse. After all the tasks were divided and everyone clearly knew what to do, the real work could start.

An extensive range of hats, scarves, stuffed animals, dolls, key chains, cookies, … were the result. All these ‘goodies’ were sold. This action was a complete success, as a total of € 1 500 was raised.

Sponsor hunt

In addition to individuals and groups of friends, schools can also raise money for the Foundation against Cancer. An example is the Vallée Bailly institute from Braine-l’Alleud. A teacher from this school survived breast cancer. 

It’s been said that she got a lot of support during that time, both from the school as well as from Foundation against Cancer. This motivated her to sensibilize the students about cancer and to raise money for the Foundation. That’s why she organized a sponsor hunt together with her collegues. 

The students let them sponsor themselves by their surroundings to walk a couple of kilometers in their school’s neighbourhood. This action raised a total of €8 000, of which €4 000 went to Foundation against Cancer.

Online fundraising activities

Is the pandemic making contact activities and meetings impossible? Don't let this stop you! Brainstorm with your team and together you will find 1,001 ways to organise online fundraising activities. Everyone is yearning for a little variety in their daily lives! So don't be afraid to be original and get people out of their routine.

Any ideas?

We will help get you started ... Start a challenge: dye your hair or skip a meal and donate the money you save to Levensloop. Organise a paying online cooking class. Suggest a Zoom theme with an original background and a corresponding dress code...

And last but not least: create a hashtag for your team's fundraiser. Social media love hashtags. They give your fundraising campaign a personal touch and make it easier to reach way more people. Make sure your hashtag is simple, short, relevant and above all easy to remember.

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