Participate as a team | Relay for Life

Participate as a team

Participating to Relay for Life is a unique way to contribute locally to the fight against cancer. Relay for Life is also now present throughout the year with all kinds of (smaller) actions and events from different committees in which you can participate individually or as a team.


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Fundraising with your team

Tap your team's imagination and organise activities and challenges all year round! Need inspiration to get you started? Create handmade works and sell them on a market. Or organise an auction on a website for second-hand goods. Or why not organise a sport activity or a spaghetti evening? Download our inspiration guide here!

Register for an activity or event!

Register individually or with your team! By registering, the committee knows that you will participate and they can already inform you about the Relay for Life activity or event that is coming up. Be sure to also follow Relay for Life on social media. Every Relay for Life has a Facebook page on which all the latest news about Relay for Life is shared. 

In addition, you have a team page which you can use to recruit extra participants for your team and to raise money. On that team page you can also see who has already signed up for your team and how much your team and the individual participants have already collected. From that page and from your profile, you can manage your team as team captain: there is a toolbox, you can send your participants an e-mail, add participants, deposit donations or collected money, etc. So encourage the participants of your team to register in time.

Motivate your friends to support Relay for Life through social media