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Key moments

Opening Ceremony: “Survivors” Victory Lap – Joint Celebration

The “Survivors” are Relay For Life’s guests of honour. They are the people who have overcome cancer, or who are still undergoing treatment. The event pays tribute to them and celebrates their courage. The Survivors run/walk the first lap of the Relay For Life, encouraged by their families, friends and all participating teams.

The “Caregivers” are all the people who have supported those affected by cancer, in their fight against the disease. The Caregivers join the Survivors for the second lap.

This “goose bump moment” marks the start of the Relay For Life. It is at the same time a celebration of the battle won against the disease, a gesture of hope sent to the people affected by cancer, and to their families, and a way of thanking all the people who have given them help and support.

Are you a Survivor too?

For Relay For Life, it is an honour to feature you in the Opening Ceremony. Take this opportunity to get support and to give support to others battling cancer.

You can participate here as a Survivor

Luminaria Ceremony: Remembrance and Homage Together

Another collective moment of the event is the Luminaria Ceremony, which has a triple symbolic purpose:

  • To commemorate the people who have passed as a result of cancer,
  • To support those suffering from cancer,
  • and To celebrate the people that have overcome the disease.

Anyone can make a donation toward a candle and paper lantern on which a name, a wish or a message can be written. The candles are then placed along the track and lit when night falls.

Each light is a sign of hope, consolation and memory.

Reserve your candles.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony pays tribute to all the people that have made the Relay For Life possible. As a highlight, all these people run the final lap together.

It is also the moment when the revenue is revealed and everyone is thanked. The funds raised at the Relay For Life are remitted to the Foundation against Cancer in their entirety.


key moments

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