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All funds raised from Relay For Life go to the Foundation against Cancer. This money is used to support scientific research, provide social care to people affected by cancer, along with their families, and to promote prevention and healthier lifestyles.

The following examples give only a small idea of possible activities and means, and illustrate the tremendous amount of money and resources that are necessary to support just 3 core activities in the fight against cancer:

Scientific cancer research:

  • An average laboratory technician cost: € 240 / day
  • The investment in a "fluorescentiemicriscoop" is € 50 000

Social care to patients, along with their families:

  • Participation of one child at a children's holiday camp of 1 week, while treatment is being carried out: € 1 000
  • Cheque for psychological treatment: € 37 / consultation
  • Cancerphone: € 35 / hour
  • 5 sessions by an aesthetician: € 40

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle:

  • 1 prevention kit for schools: € 60
  • 1 'smart sunbathing' package for schools: € 60

You can support Relay For Life

by donating to a local Relay, to a team or a team member of a specific Relay. Donations made to Relay For Life are tax deductible.

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You can support the Foundation against Cancer

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I want to take part in Relay For Life as a donor

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