Testimonial: Nienke, volunteer | Relay for Life

Testimonial: Nienke, volunteer

 An atmosphere of solidarity

“At the beginning of 2011 an acquaintance of mine came by my house to talk about a new initiative of the Foundation against Cancer: Relay for Life, a 24-hour-long relay race against the disease. Because I had no idea what exactly it involved, I went to a public information evening at her request. Those were my first steps toward the task that I slowly but surely took on: Activities Manager for the Sint-Truiden Relay for Life. It became a fantastic event, accompanied by activities for young and old, organised by local volunteers and supported by the Foundation.
I chose activities because I want to help celebrate life. I know the theatre and music worlds inside out and I find it a challenge to create an atmosphere of solidarity at the Relay for Life. I got the support of quite a few artists with their hearts in the right place, who collaborated selflessly.

Relay for Life? A passion!

As a volunteer you really have to choose a task you like doing. That way you can enjoy being occupied with it a large part of the year. Then come the 24 hours, the crown on your efforts, an event into which you have put so much. I went for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and you could feel that!

Relay for Life has really become a passion. The contacts we establish in many areas enrich my life. I have found several valuable friendships in the committee, and these people have occupied an indefinable place in my heart. Brainstorming, planning and a great deal of humour fill our regular meetings, and when everything is ready, we show the result of our work, full of pride, at an event where solidarity reigns supreme and the much-needed money comes in for, among other things, scientific research. Together we fight to conquer cancer, and that brings satisfaction.

In the meantime, Relay for Life has also won its place in our town. Many residents, including many Survivors, are already looking forward to the next edition. On to more anniversaries!!”


Nienke Klaver, volunteer Activities Manager in the organisation committee of the Sint-Truiden Relay for Life

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