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Testimonial: Fried Ringoot: finding strength in cancer

“And...? Everything all right?”



"And...? Everything all right?" asks Fried Ringoot in a theatre performance in which he talks movingly and recognisably, but most of all with a great deal of humour, about his experience with cancer.
Fried leaves no one untouched, as during this performance he lets you look deep into his soul. He talks not only about the pain and sadness that the illness brings with it, but about how the illness brings people closer together. Humour is his most important weapon!

The line between a laugh and a tear is often a very fine one. It’s a performance that you don’t come to watch. You experience it.
"I myself can do that, talk about cancer like this. I have experienced it all myself, so I have the right to speak." (I. Depraetere, Het Nieuwsblad, 19-03 2015)

This born performer pulls you into a sensitive, polished story full of humour, with an enormous ability to put himself into perspective. Many-sided, gripping, recognisable, gloriously musical, sometimes delightfully absurd, moving, tender and funny. And yet still with both feet in reality: daring to look at life as it really is!

More info: http://www.friedtheater.be

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