Why support the fight against cancer? | Relay for Life

Why support the fight against cancer?

In 2017 Relay For Life raised more than €3,875,000!

Have you ever wondered how your donation actually makes a difference in the lives of those fighting the disease? Check out some great examples below.

science research

Finance research

  • With €50 you donate 600 syringes and needles in a lab.
  • With €100 you donate 5 bottles of 500ml of cell culture.
  • With €200 you donate a basic set of histological dyes. These dyes are needed for the analysis of cells under a microscope.
  • With €500 a lab could perform an analysis on a DNA microarray. This will allow them to map the genetic characteristics of tumors, and thus produce a tumor 'identity card'.
  • With €1,000 scientists can keep one month cell cultures alive.
  • With €2,000 you can cover the operating costs of a scientist for one month.

Social help

  • With a contribution of €15 you could offer a sick child a lovely day of relaxation in the Planckendael zoo.
  • With a contribution of €30 you could give a patient a massage and a beauty session.
  • With a contribution of €40 you could offer a patient a one-on-one consultation with a psychologist specialized in oncology, or give them the opportunity to call our Cancer Information Service where they could talk for one hour with a specialist in the field of various cancers.
  • With a contribution of €300 you could offer a patient a free one-year specialized course for physical activity, to conquer the severe fatigue and disease treatments.
  • With a contribution of €1,000 you could offer a child a week-long escape from inside the hospital walls. Instead, they could go to our annual Children's camp without interrupting their treatment.
  • With a contribution of €1,500 you could offer a child with cancer a transfer or a nurse liaison at his/her home. A nurse liaison ensures that the treatment can continue at home and is the link between the care team and the family.


  • With a contribution of €10 you donate a cookbook with delicious and healthy recipes that will make maintaining a balanced diet child's play.
  • With €50 you donate a 'sunscreen corner' in one classroom, where children can apply sunscreen before play time.
  • With €50 you donate a CD-ROM about ‘Alcohol Prevention’ to a teacher, along with a number of our folders. This information is aimed at schools to teach preteens and teens how to deal with alcohol.
  • With €500 we could for instance buy an additional Cooler. It’s a box full of educational material eg. sun prevention tools for children. Schools can borrow these refrigerators for two weeks (for free). It’s a playful way to teach children the best ways to protect themselves from too much UV.

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