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Charleroi 2019

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Each team can raise money for the fight against cancer by sponsoring or organizing activities.

Make a donation

Support the fight against cancer and make a donation to your Relay for Life, a team, or a team member.

Become a volunteer

Do you want to become a volunteer and support Relay for Life activities and events?

Participate as a Survivor

Do you have or have had cancer? You will be a guest of honour at our Relay for life events and activities. Your strength and courage will be honored.

Welcome to the Relay for Life Charleroi 2019

Your local committee, with the support of the Foundation against Cancer, invites you to participate in various activities in your neighbourhood throughout the year. All participation and every euro collected is a real contribution that can save lives:

  • The Relay for Life event (if it can take place in a corona proof environement). Below you can find all the information.
  • Activities organised by a committee, such as workshops on the theme of cancer, fundraising or activities for Fighters and / or their loved ones.
  • Activities organised by teams who mobilize to raise their counter.

Would you like to participate? That is very easy! Click on the activity of your choice and follow the instructions.

Do you really want to get involved in the fight against cancer? Start or join a team to get sponsored, raise money, buy a candle bag or propose your own team activity.

Do have cancer or have had it? Register for free as a guest of honor for the activities of your committee. By registering as a Relay for Life Fighter, you will also be informed of special activities."

Teams of this Relay for Life

Total revenue€ 30
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Les Airsofteurs ont du cœur !
Total revenue€ 2 483
More info
Charleroi, la Ville qui a du coeur et de l'énergie à revendre!
Total revenue€ 329
More info
Charleroi Ville Santé se bouge pour votre santé
Total revenue€ 105
More info
Le minimum, c'est de donner le maximum.
Total revenue€ 110
More info
Les Carolos ont du cœur!
More info
Courir à pied pour sauver des vies.
Total revenue€ 1 070
More info
En mémoire de nos "étoiles", en union avec les battants, et remplis d'espoir...
Total revenue€ 3 750
More info
Yes we can🤞 AGAIN and more😉
Total revenue€ 2 767
More info
Nos Valeurs , notre ADN
Total revenue€ 2 602
More info
Pour aller loin Allons-y ensemble !!
Total revenue€ 90
More info
parce que l'aide aux enfants du monde (notre devise) passe aussi par l'aide aux parents
Total revenue€ 196
More info
Le Mistral, toujours vivant
Total revenue€ 500
More info
24 heures dans une vie...
Total revenue€ 3 052
More info
"Seul on va plus vite, ENSEMBLE on va plus loin"
Total revenue€ 170
More info
Total revenue€ 1 180
More info
Stand up - Stand strong - Stand together
Total revenue€ 70
More info
Hannot’moulote adorée
Total revenue€ 663
More info
Des Carolos prêts à se bouger!
Total revenue€ 480
More info
un pour tous et tous pour eux
Total revenue€ 60
More info
En hommage à une femme simplement exceptionnelle et aimée de toute sa famille
Total revenue€ 1 821
More info
La Maison Mieux-Être du Grand Hôpital de Charleroi est un lieu de ressourcement pour les personnes atteintes d'un cancer.
Total revenue€ 865
More info
Aussi résistants que l'acier pour triompher de la maladie
Total revenue€ 4 863
More info
Une voix pour les femmes
Total revenue€ 1 476
More info
Boulou'z un jour, Boulou'z toujours !
Total revenue€ 2 159
More info
Total revenue€ 40
More info
" Car face au cancer, on est plus fort ensemble ! " 💪🏻

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