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Participate as a team

Many activities have been put on hold during the pandemic — but cancer never stops. To turn hope into victory, it is essential to continue to raise funds to advance research. You too can join the Relay for Life Movement by creating your own team or by joining an existing team.

Participating in Relay for Life is a unique way to contribute locally to the fight against cancer. You can make a donation, join a team, register as a Fighter or become a volunteer or member of the local committee.

The teams are our driving force. And even though these difficult times may have changed their efforts, that should not stop you. On the contrary, you can now propose your own initiatives for the global agenda! So turn your usual fundraising activities into non-contact fundraisers with the same success! Every effort counts!

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Please note an important change: by registering on the Relay for Life website, you support the Relay for Life Movement as you can get sponsored, buy a candle bag, raise funds or propose an activity! However, to participate in a Relay for Life activity or event, you must register through the link available on the page of each initiative.

Were you already registered for a Relay for Life in 2020? Then you will automatically be registered for the Relay for Life 2021 Movement! We thank you for your support.

Corona-proof fundraising with your team

Tap your team's imagination and organise non-contact activities and challenges to keep your counter ticking all year round! You'll see: it's just as enjoyable and motivating! Need inspiration to get you started? Can you paint, sculpt, knit...? Then create original works and sell them online. Or organise an auction on a website for second-hand goods. Or why not hold a quiz or poetry competition?

Download our inspiration guide here!

This is how teams will participate in Relay for Life this year

Will there be a Relay for Life event in your neighbourhood this year? 

It will work differently from other years. This year, teams will no longer take turns to participate for 24 hours and they will not be able to hold sales stands. But, this does not prevent each participant from experiencing the full Relay for Life experience for 4 hours and from making a much more intense effort. There are many ways to participate: by contributing to the programme of the event, by helping out as a volunteer, or simply by talking about the event in your community...  all profits from selling tickets and drinks help your team's tally!

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